Welcome to the Close to Home wiki! Our goal is to unite fans and provide a comprehensive database over everything in the Close to Home universe. The main rules are: Do not be rude to others; keep an open-mind and be courteous of other people's feelings and ideals. Conduct conversations in a formal, mature manner.

Editing and Creating PagesEdit

General RulesEdit

  • Do not copy articles from Wikipedia.
  • Use proper sentence structure, including grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Each entry should be written like an encyclopedia. Avoid words such as "just, like, kind of" and the sort. Also avoid slang words, and only use profanity when necessary (such as when quoting an interview).
  • This wiki is uncensored; do not be afraid to post obscenities, but do not abuse them. If one is offended by bad language, then it would be best to avoid lyric pages and the like.
  • Talk pages are used for discussion of the article (how it is written) and not for general conversation.

Writing StyleEdit

  • Each article should be written like it is being featured in a real encyclopedia. As such, when referring to people, their last name will be used after they have been introduced. For example, if "Josh Wells" is used in a sentence, later in the article he will be referred to as "Wells."


  • Along with proper sentence structure, be sure to follow these formatting guidelines as well, appropriate for each and every page:
    • "Song titles should be in quotation marks" (Example: "Family Ties")
    • Album, book and DVD/film titles should be italicized (Example: Never Back Down)
    • Each page should begin with the title of the page in bold, while following other formatting guidelines.


  • Each page should be categorized appropriately. Leave categories for general sorting purposes; categorization shouldn't be too specific and each article should generally only have one (minimum). Main categories include:
    • Songs
    • Albums
  • Each category should be placed with a capital letter at the front, such as "Songs."

Vandalism and Cyber BullyingEdit

  • Anyone is allowed to have an account, and you may edit the wiki without one.
  • However, there is a no tolerance policy for vandalism and cyber bullying.
    • Vandalism can be anything from blanking a page, removing or adding content without valid reason, or replacing sentences/pages with obscenity or nonconstructive material.
    • Cyber bullying includes cussing out another user, calling them "stupid" or by another derogatory word (including racial slurs) and generally causing trouble for or harassing that user.
  • One act of vandalism or bullying performed by an author ensures that their account and IP will be banned.

Contact and ReportingEdit

  • If you have a question about editing the wiki, or if you need to report vandalism or bullying from another user, please do it immediately by leaving a message on my talk page.