Legends Live On

Legends Live On is the first and only compilation album by Close to Home. It was self released on April 7th, 2008. It was a tribute album for Brad Andress, the band's original bassist who died from cancer. The album consists of some of his last live performances, along with four tracks from other bands associated with Andress, including Made Avail, And Then I Turned Seven, and Nineball.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "If Words Could Kill" [Live]
  2. "Fourth of July" [Live]
  3. "Didn't Have a Prayer" [Live]
  4. "Pictures and Pastimes" [Live]
  5. "Ending with Style" [Live]
  6. "Once Again" [Live]
  7. "Please Tell Me" [Acoustic]
  8. "To Die Would Be an Awfully Big Adventure"
  9. "Miss You Bye and Then I Turned Seven"
  10. "Mother Theresa"
  11. "Nowhere to Go"